Comprehensive Oracle and Management Consulting Services
Our Mission is to make Oracle meet your business needs. 


We are a Management and Oracle consulting firm that solves business problems using Oracle Applications and Technology.   Our service offerings in this regard are comprehensive.
  • Projects
  • Sustaining Support
  • Oracle Applications Database Administration


Most of our customers hire SPG to implement new business requirements or correct problems with their current Oracle eBusiness Suite configuration.   To accomplish the goals of our customers in the shortest possible time without sacrificing quality, we follow a standard project lifecycle.
  • Project formation
  • Discovery
  • Requirements Definition
  • Solution Design
  • Build with Rapid Prototyping
  • Client testing and acceptance
  • Production Transition
  • Early Production Support

Sustaining Support

Invariably our clients engage us in sustaining support at some level.  Sometimes it’s coincidental to the project work we are doing, and sometimes our clients engage us for sustaining support.  There are two categories of Sustaining Support: Proactive and Reactive. 
Proactive Sustaining Support - Routine periodic support activity
We follow standard protocols for proactive sustaining support.  They are practical, easy to understand, and familiar to most of our customers.
  • Create proactive sustaining support Standard Operating Procedures
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual activities driven by a sustaining support calendar
  • Business Interruption protocols for backup and recovery
  • Periodic execution of business interruption and recover procedures
  • Implement tools for automated monitoring of resource consumption
  • Implementation and management of Production Change Control procedures
  • Implementation and management of Issue Management System

Reactive Sustaining Support - Rapid response emergencies
Like everything else we follow standard operating procedures for responding to emergencies.
  • Situation Analysis – Repaid discovery of the relevant facts, preliminary action plan
  • Execute Action Plan – Revised and iterate action plan as we learn more in the diagnostic process
  • Test possible solutions in copy of Production
  • Production Migration  Go/No Go Decision
  • Production Migration with urgency required by injurious affects of issue
  • Post migration monitoring
  • Document and catalog issue and resolution

Oracle Applications Database Administration (APPS DBA)

A basic requirement of every project or sustaining support engagement we undertake is Applications Database Administration.  Our clients frequently ask us to provide some level of APPS DBA support.  We have the capability to provide comprehensive APPS DBA services.
  • Detailed Site Survey & Assessment:  This is the initial survey of installed Oracle Database instances and application software, review of functional, operational, and technical issues.  The Survey & Assessment document includes Database Instance configuration, inventory of application software using the Database Instances, list of open functional, operational, technical, and performance issues, recommend actions to resolve all open issues, and logical and physical architecture diagrams of the Database Instances, Network and Servers.
  • Security and Access Control Administration: Create and maintain users.
  • Database Monitoring: Routine monitoring of database
    • Routine administration / Daily review of Logs
    • Routine daily ‘health check’
    • Proactive monitoring of Roll-Back segment, and resizing to avoid system impact and ensure optimum performance
    • Proactive monitoring of table usage, and re-indexing of tables to ensure optimum performance
    • Proactive monitoring of table space to ensuring proper amount of space is allocated
    • Gather Schema Statistics to help ensure optimum performance
    • Proactive monitoring of mass storage usage and recommend reorganization to ensure optimum performance (reorganization of 2 tables per month is included in Foundation Services.  Mass reorganization of 3 or more tables per month is include in Extended Services)
  • Backup & Recovery: design and implementation of Backup & Restore strategy and schedules. Monitor backups to ensure they are running correctly and periodically check backup integrity. Restore backed up information when requested.
  • Database usage reports: Generate standard reports, and purge log files on schedule agreed to in the Site Survey & Assessment.
  • General Troubleshooting and Preventative maintenance and Performance tuning
    • Routine monitoring of custom and third party applications identified in Site Survey & Assessment
    • Monitor for invalid objects and recompile if necessary
    • Purging
    • Patch Application
    • Database and new application system planning
    • Initial and Periodic DBA Site planning meetings and report
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