Broad Industry Experience
Our Mission is to make Oracle meet your business needs. 


Industry Practice Areas

Since 1997, we’ve provided Oracle solutions to many different companies in many different industries.  We have experience with technology and industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, wholesale distributors, apparel manufacturers, and consumer retail businesses.    We have been faced with and solved practical business problems in all these different industries.  It’s not unusual for SPG to come up with practical solutions in one industry from our experiences in other industries.  


Our first Oracle projects were manufacturers implementing Oracle EBS.  We have more than 20 years working with manufacturers in management consulting and Oracle EBS consulting capacities.  We’ve implemented the core Oracle suite of applications, EDI, barcode scanning and printing, Agile integration, and HR, Payroll, and Benefits for industrial and technology manufacturers.

Health care

We work with a large assisted living care organization to control overhead cost by automating and streamlining human resources, benefits, and payroll management.  We’ve implement self-service procurement systems that helped control overhead cost in purchasing. We implemented Oracle procurement Punch-out so that employees could order directly from supplier catalogs without sacrificing controls requirements. We are designing a solution to streamline patient billing systems integration with Oracle EBS.

Technology Manufacturer

We helped a storage systems manufacturer fix a myriad of problems preventing them from using core Oracle EBS functionality.  We cleaned up their EDI integration and help them improve integration with existing contract manufacturers and add new contract manufacturers.   We provided sustaining support for their Oracle EBS system until they hired in-house staff to take over the support functions.

Software Company

We helped software companies establish effective corporate governance of their customer information and eliminate billing and customer service mistakes.  We provided both management consulting to establish customer information management best practices, and Oracle consulting to implement the new processes and organization.

These are just few of our more recent engagements.   We will be happy to provide a comprehensive list upon request.

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